A Long Hike

Co-founders Eric Velasquez and Josh Wood met at Neel's Gap, 30 miles into their Appalachain Trail thru-hikes. They hiked half the trail together, but don't conceive Acromoda until a year after finishing.


Armed with big dreams (and some really old Kenmore sewing machines), Eric and Josh started learning how to sew and design hiking gear.

First Product Launch

After months of learning and development, we released our first product, the Crescenza 35 - a custom-printed frameless backpack.

Eric left Acromoda around this time to pursue other opportunities. He's still called on from occasionally when his input is needed.

Successful Kickstarter

We launched the Contour Waistpack on Kickstarter, a versatile fanny pack that has a custom topographic map of one's favorite place printed on it.

Trail Name: Cheese Curd

Josh Wood

I went on my first overnight hiking trip on the Superior Hiking Trail the summer after graduating high school. Neither my friend nor I had a clue what we were doing, so, of course, we had no chance of making it the 90 miles we originally planned. But the experience of getting to spend days walking with a friend along Minnesota's gorgeous North Shore made me fall in love with backpacking. Soon after that trip, I decided to take a semester off college to thru-hike the Appalachian Trail in 2021. After my journey ended, I realized how important it was to keep the outdoors and hiking community as a key part of my life.